Stranger Sam

March 9, 2017

17157415_10210331551217832_276849454182304724_o.jpgDidn’t imagine this could be my story:

I have never been the sharing type for the sole reason I don’t like bothering people with my drama. But today I felt I needed to. We went to a small hidden resto and after I’ve vented out, I was in for a touching surprise… a stranger paid for our meal and left a sweet note on the receipt.


You never knew my name
You don’t even know my story
Yet you extended your extreme generosity to me, a total stranger.

You didn’t just pay for our meal, you have given me a genuine smile when I needed it most.
More than the monetary value , your kindness was a priceless gift for it reminded me of something I almost had given up on.

I once said, it is quite tiring to always be good but you made me realize that being a good person is not always about yourself. That there is greater good in doing something right for others. Be good even if it hurts, even if it is painful. Be good even if it seems impossible.

I would have loved to say this personally but we may never cross paths again. Wherever you may be please know I am grateful and I will always be praying for you.

I will wear this smile you gave and will always remember how great God is through you. Thank you, Thank you Sam!

– From the ugly crying blonde girl from the next table

PS. Even if you made me tear up more, I will cheer up. yes!

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February 19, 2017

Alam kong hindi ako ang iyong tipo
Hindi ako ang laman ng panaginip mo.

Ngunit pinatibok mo ang puso ko.
sa panahong di ko pinlano.

Hindi man ako kasing yaman ng iba, lahat ay gagawin ko mapakita ko lang na ikaw ay mahalaga. 

Isasangla ko ang aking oras, kapalit nito ang panahon na kasama ka.
Hindi ko na hihilinging tubusin mo pa.

Tatakbuhin ko ang daang kilometro,
makita lang ang ngiti mong sa aking pagod ay nakakapagpalaho.
Wala man akong kotse o kahit trapik pa sa EDSA,
walang makakapigil dahil ayokong ikaw ay pinapaasa.

Makikipaglaban ako sa antok,
marinig lamang ang mga kwento mong hindi matapos tapos.
Kahit paulit ulit o kahit gaano pa katagal, pangako hindi ako magsasawa mahal.

At kahit ako man ay kanilang husgahan.
Salita mo lang ang aking pakikinggan.

Sapagkat may mga bagay na saiyo ko lamang natutunan,
sayo ko lamang nakayanan.
at handa akong sayo pa din ialay ang mga susunod pang hamon ng buhay.

Bigyan mo lang ako ng pagkakataong mahalin ka habang buhay. 

To The Strong Ones

February 12, 2017

You can hide behind the smile.
Get lost in the laughter.
And maybe make it look like nothing could ever be better.

But I know there are wounds you dare not reveal.
Afraid it would cost the very people who are dear.

You know how to comfort others well,
Yet there are times you wish you could also be saved from your hell.
You have always shown you are strong,
Because you’re scared that there might be no one there for you when everything goes wrong.

Isnt it ironic?
To feel left out despite having all the people around?
To feel alone, in the presence of those you call your own?

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January 11, 2017

I wanted to ask.
I wanted to clear my mind off things.
To end the sleepless nights of bother and weariness.

I hoped to ask.
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If Honesty Was Easy

January 9, 2017

If honesty was easy,
You would have known what every good mornings and good nights really mean
Or the truth to every lyric I share

If honesty was easy,
I would have held your hand that night
Or locked you in an embrace I have only imagined every time you bid goodbye.

If honesty was easy,
I would have let you look into my eyes,
and see the truth in my soul that you are more to me than what meets the eye. 

If honesty was easy,
You would have heard the 3 words I’ve been dying to say all this time.

But honesty is not that easy. 

Honesty for the brave and strong.
I am not both.

Because more than the beauty and promises of being honest is one thing I am most afraid of…

Losing You.

So even If honesty means freedom.
I choose to be the LYING COWARD also known as your best friend.


Journey To the 25th

October 4, 2016

Wow. 25 years.

It seems long but it flew by real quick. Looking back, I really feel I’ve been overflowed with blessings and I know, where I am now is where I need to be. To celebrate, here are the 25 things I am thankful for:

  1. The gift of Family. You never get to choose which family you get to be in but I guess even if I had to, I wouldn’t pick anyone else. This is one of the greatest gift God has given me and I couldn’t thank Him enough for that. I have always felt loved and appreciated (except during a pre-teenage phase where I felt I was the least appreciated, but I laugh it out now because HAHA hormones and teen angst.)
  2. Happy Childhood. I only have happy memories in my early years. I share it with my brothers and sisters. All the laughters, the playtimes, the imaginative places we’ve been, the travels, and the mischiefs. I will always have a lot of happy memories to recall and hilarious stories to share. This is one of the biggest factors why I see life in positivity.
  3. A Loving Disciplinarian Dad. The peculiar set up and the age gap was never a hindrance to us being close to dad. Him being accommodating and loving in nature, it was really easy to get along with him. But I also grew up with his principles and guidance, he has always taught us respect and discipline in everything we say and do. I would always thank him for his words of wisdom and imparting his big heart.
  4. A SuperMom. I have often said, I would always thank that I grew up struggling financially. It was because of this I learned to make use of what we have and be resourceful.  It was also then I saw how mom would do anything just to keep us all afloat and it was that selfless kind of love I had always admired in her. And I thank the heavens for showing me how a good mom should be: Strong, Selfless and most of the time funny. HAHAHA
  5. Protective and Supportive Brothers.  I am blessed to have 4. Different personalities yet the same kind of love for me. The kind who would always be ready to help and support whenever I need them. Distance knows no bounds because I know wherever they are, they still look after me. I can claim being a baby still with them around.
  6. Thoughtful Sisters. Both are often misunderstood but you know what? They are the most thoughtful ones. I have always felt their love and support despite everything. In whatever I try , one text and they would be there. I love them always.
  7. Close Knit Extended Family.   I have always been proud of this, of us as a big family. Growing up we have always been blessed to know and bond with loving aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces. They are always accommodating and wherever they are in the world, they would always let us feel we are one whole family and that they will always be proud of us.
  8. Awesome Nephews and Nieces.  I cannot describe how proud I am to be a tita of such wonderful and respectful people. I hope I can always be their cool tita, who’d support them in wherever they want to be in because I know they will be on their way to greatness with the heart that they have.
  9. Behave and Cute Pets. Always my stress relievers. Kitty says I tend to spoil but what can I do? when I have such loyal and loving friends in them. Never failing to make me smile instantly. Dogs and cats, alike.
  10. Long Lasting Friendships. Friends that turn into family. Known them for 8 years or more (with the longest lasting one running at 16 years, practically half my life. HI JOYLET.) They are the ones who defy time and distance. No matter how long we don’t get to see each other, no matter how far life separates us… Nothing ever changes (except maybe a new hairdo or a plus one to add to the list of lasting friends).
  11. New Yet Strong Friendships.  In a setting where social life is at bare minimum (because hello hectic sched and traffic), I really get to appreciate when I get the chance to meet new people and create new friendships. My early birthday gift came in the form of a bunch of fun kids with the same level of craziness as me and I will forever be thankful to the heavens for letting me meet them. I only have great times to remember with them and still more great memories waiting to happen because #clingy. (HELLO PETATAS!)
  12. A Generous Boss. It is already a known fact that my boss is ever so generous to all the people she works with and especially to us. Treating us like younger siblings, I am always thankful that fate led me to get to work with such a kind soul. Her concern and support is always genuine and no matter what stresses the both of us can get, I know she’ll always be there. I will always look up to her big heart.
  13. Powerful Officemates.  Well if my blessings ain’t enough, I also get to breeze through all the work stresses because I have very reliable and dependable officemates who are very easy to work with. I know now that we can do anything! Plus their company is enjoyable, it makes working something to look forward to.
  14. Job That I Love. Working for a dream job you say? Well I know I prayed for this job and true enough it has brought me thousands of blessings. It has made me stronger through and through(physically, mentally and emotionally). It has taught me a lot. It became the avenue for me to fulfill dreams. I enjoy it and looking back, I know God has really steered me in this direction. I know this is where I need to be.  So far, no regrets just looking forward to what’s next.
  15. Bigtime C0-workers. This one comes with the job I am in. I am blessed to have been working with the best people from the industry. I learn from them.. a lot! It does seem overwhelming at times, but when you think about how only a few can get to meet moreso wok with them I can only be thankful!
  16. Travel Opportunities.  One of my faves of course. I am a homebody. I enjoy staying at home but if life gives me the time and budget to travel, I am all for it. I am thankful for all the sights and experiences I’ve had so far. It makes me appreciate how beautiful the world really is. Travel is always something that makes my heart so happy. And my life will always have travel in my list.
  17. Learning Opportunities. Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from school. I am continuing to learn. I push myself to try something new. To never give up on exploring and learning. I grow with all the lessons life teaches me and I am thankful that every now and then, life gives me opportunities to learn. Whether its a short course class, a workshop, or just about everyday at work, my life just becomes more colorful.
  18. Talents. Although mine is not as exceptional. I will forever be thankful for the things I can do. It is fun to have them and a lot of times it is useful even for the sake of my sanity and my heart’s happiness. I will continue to nurture it and who knows I can help others through them as well.
  19.  Gift of Patience and Understanding. Life is unfair. We know that but with the right attitude, life will always be better. I find myself thanking God for giving me patience, it has helped me through a lot of situations, and has somehow helped me in understanding myself and other people too.
  20. Gift of “Self Actualization”. The people I am close with would know in an instant that I get to be silent when I am mad or pissed. But I am not sure if they know that this silence helps me a lot to get a grasp of what just happened. I am and will always be an emotional being, I get tantrums and I get pissed, but what I appreciate is that I can sit through the silence and understand where everyone (and even myself ) is coming from.  It helps me forgive easier (myself, most of the time) and makes any pain easier to bear. There are reasons why things are said and done,I am happy to somehow being able to make sense of that.
  21. Gift of Faith. I’ve been through a lot and this has helped me keep my sanity through the years. My strength is anchored in this gift.
  22. Gift of Smiles. I will always believe that our happiness depends on us. How we choose to react to all that is happening. I am thankful that despite everything, I am still given the strength to smile.
  23. Gift of Home. Home is where the heart is. I am thankful I always have a home to go back to, where my heart is at rest and my soul at peace.
  24. Gift of Love.  You cannot give what you don’t have. And if the question is do I feel loved?  I have felt it everyday. I have felt it from all the people who matter. Yes, what I have is more than enough and I am more the willing to give it back ten thousand folds.
  25. Gift of Life.  And I will go back to thanking this very important gift. All of the 24 things will not exist in my reality if I wasn’t given a chance to live.

This wasn’t an easy list because I cannot put into words really all the things I am thankful for.  25 years  has already been quite a journey but I know I will be continuing to be thankful for whatever is ahead of me. As what I always include in my prayers:

” Lord, take charge of my life because in the path you choose, I know I will be safe. I know I will be happy. I only ask for strength and as long as you are holding my hand, I know I am strong. Amen”

I am Charmaine Ambal Francisco. Mae. Menggay. Mameng. Chimanen. Charm. Boi. Maine.
25 and ready to move forward.


Your Wall

September 21, 2016

It’s what keeps your vulnerabilities safe.
Built by the countless rejections.
Strengthened by your fears.

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Ready for the Next Adventure!!


Yup! That’s my 2013…
It was so full of emotions, feelings and moments.
I remember those hard and painful decisions I had to make.. of leaving and saying goodbye..
there were times when I felt lost and so unsure of myself.. when everything seemed wrong..
I went thru stressful days, of not sleeping, getting sick and tired of all that seems unending..


because every decision I made, many doors of great opportunities opened..
because with that goodbye, I had more space in my heart for better friendships and relationships I found along the way..
because knowing my weaknesses made me strive to be a stronger person..
because all that stress made every completion extra rewarding and fulfilling..

I had to experience all that to realize how BLESSED I truly am.

I left my first job only to be GIVEN the job I thought can only be achieved thru dreams #OnandOffCamWork #DreamJob #Passion
and to have experienced only the best projects and overflowing perks thru it.. #FREEMovie #FREEconcerts #Meetingswithcelebs
working with only the best and big names in the industry is a major major plus #DirekP #Bamboo #ABSCBN #Viva
My former workmates have now become one of my solid barkadas, I also met a lot of amazing people this year, learned a lot from them as well.. #extrarice #productionfriends
for the most generous boss there is.. #MsRhea
I was finally able to actualize one of my longest wishes.. #BRACES!!!
I was able to travel abroad and for FREE at that..Wooohooo #HKMacau
Family love is overflowing #harmony #bonding
to have additional lovable family members.. #BreeHersha

It was a whirlwind year but God made sure I felt loved by giving me so much blessings all year round. So loved that cliche as it may get, all the happy moments drowns all those negative ones to the point that when I look back I only remember my heart smiling.

I don’t know what happened but I must have done something right
and I will try to continue doing it right this 2014..
I’m ready for you!

Cinemalaya 2013 Memories

August 5, 2013

And So Cinemalaya has ended .

It was such a good year and I was so glad I made a decision to volunteer. 🙂
Met a whole new set of volunteer friends (who, if you may ask, are all so nice! I don’t think I’ve met anyone with a bad attitude) and watched good films (though I think I may have missed a lot of great ones. BOHOO!).


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How Separated Are We?

July 31, 2013

And so we are connected...

And so we are connected…

There are approximately 180, 497 islands in the world yet we hear and utter the term “SMALL WORLD”. We are close to becoming 7 billion in number yet we are still said to be only 6 degrees apart with all the people in the world. We are big in number and quantity  but somehow in whatever law that life has, we are all connected.

We can walk in a street full of people and see many different faces. Some we recognize, some are familiar, some look like someone we know but most of them are faces of the unknown. But isn’t it awesome that in the hundreds of people we pass by and encounter each day, one or maybe a few of these, are faces of people that will soon be part of our life?

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